Medical Office Cleaning Houston

Medical Office Cleaning Houston

Ranging from medical office janitorial services to cleanroom cleaning services for medical offices in Houston and surrounding communities, MGS Supply and Services, environmental services, help you meet and maintain medical office cleaning requirements.

Cleaning medical offices in Houston for health care facility regulatory standards such as AHCA, JCAHO, OSHA, and state or local agency requirements is a top priority for MGS Supply and Services. These high standards for health care cleaning hold critical and non-critical medical facilities accountable to provide a positive environmental health outcome. This high standard for a medical cleaning service applies to lobby floors, waiting rooms, staff offices all the way to sanitizing and disinfection of hospital operating rooms, imaging units, and equipment.

Medical office cleaning services are much more than aesthetic cleaning. MGS Supply and Services understands and leads the way in using high-grade, clinically-tested medical office cleaning supplies and cleanroom tools.

Houston Hospital Cleaning Services, Surgical Centers, Operating Rooms, Private Clinics

Safe care and infection prevention are at the top of the healthcare industry regulatory standards. As such, cleanroom best practices are becoming a more common approach to medical cleaning services by industry cleaning service leaders. MGS Supply and Services raises the bar for standards in environmental surface cleaning and medical equipment cleaning in both non-critical and critical health care facilities.

A private clinic or doctors office receives equally high-quality medical cleaning services from MGS Supply and Services as does a hospital, surgical outpatient clinic, hospital operating room, or terminal surgery center.

Medical Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services Provided for

  • Imaging Facilities, including Mobile Units
  • Surgery Terminal & Operating Room Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Laboratory Research Cleanroom Cleaning Services
  • Sports & Rehabilitation Health Care Cleaning
  • Commercial Health Care Cleaning – Clinics and Private Practice

Medical Office Cleaning Solution Houston Services

With MGS Supply and Services, our clients receive professional health care and hospital cleaning services. Our staff has received thorough cleaning service training in medical office cleaning procedures, medical office cleaning certification, commercial laboratory, hospital, and pharmacy clean room cleaning procedures, medical office cleaning requirements, the use of cleanroom tools. We have a stringent medical practice office cleaning checklist and use the highest quality medical office cleaning supplies.

MGS Supply and Services employees have undergone rigorous training in the industry that they serve, having been specifically trained and certified. They are screened carefully, wear badges and uniforms and are trained in security protocols. Every employee continues in cleaning service training to stay on top of industry cleaning standards, protocols, best practices, regulations, and more.

Cleanroom Cleaning Services Houston Medical Centers

MGS Supply and Services uses the latest scientific and empirical data for cleanroom cleaning services protocol in disinfection and decontamination in controlled environments.

The proper use of clean room cleaning supplies such as sporicidal agents, biocides, and disinfectants control and eliminate organisms and microbes. MGS Supply and Services decontamination expertise includes micro-cleaning of Class 1 (M 1.5) to Class 100,000 (M 6.5) environments.

Knowing that personal contamination is also a factor in cleanroom standards, we provide cleanroom protocol training in gowning and gloving.

With over 10 years of expertise, MGS Supply and Services provides routine and periodic cleanroom cleaning services. In addition to cleaning medical offices, health care cleaning, and hospital cleaning services, we also offer cleanroom cleaning services for data centers, disaster decontamination, raised floor environments, post-construction cleaning, and one-time super medical cleaning services.

Benefits of MGS Supply and Services Professional Medical Office & Hospital Cleaning Services Houston

  • Professional medical office cleaning is instrumental for your health care facility to achieve and retain JCAHO Certification.
  • Professional medical cleaning services meet or exceeds regulatory standards set by OSHA, AHCA, JCAHO, and state or local agency standards which improves the quality of patient care and satisfaction, and raises medical excellence.
  • High-quality, latest health care cleaning equipment for any and all specific medical cleaning tasks.

MGS Supply and Services holds ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, an international standard demonstrating the ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements in products and services.

More than Houston Medical Office Cleaning

MGS Supply and Services is equipped to serve multiple industries in addition to cleaning medical offices, hospital cleaning services, and medical office janitorial services. Commercial and industrial janitorial services include restaurants, retail, car dealerships, churches, power plants, petrochemical cleaning janitorial services, and more in Houston and surrounding communities.

Contact MGS Supply and Services for your medical, commercial, and industrial cleaning needs at 281-829-5357 or online at contact us.

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