Stairway Cleaning

  1. Sweeping and Dusting
    1. Stair landings, steps and all corners of stair treads will be free of loose dirt or dust streaks after sweeping.
    2. Stair railings, door moldings, ledges and grills will be dust free after dusting. The dust will have been removed rather than just pushed around.
  2. Cleaning, Polishing and Wall Spotting
    1. Glass surfaces will be clean and free of any smudges, finger marks and dirt.
    2. Handrails, doorknobs, and other surfaces will be clean and polished to an acceptable luster.
    3. Walls up to a standing height will be free of finger marks and other dirt spots of any kind.
  3. Mopping and Scrubbing
    1. Stair landings and steps will be free of loose and/or caked dirt particles and will present an overall appearance of cleanliness after mopping or scrubbing.
    2. Walls, baseboards and stair risers will be free of watermarks, scars from the equipment striking the surfaces and splashings from the cleaning solution.
    3. All surfaces will be dry and the corners and cracks clean after dry mopping.