School and University Commercial Janitorial Services

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in schools and universities. With the large number of people gathered in classrooms and common areas, it is necessary to have a janitorial company that provides the highest quality cleaning services.

Our school and university clients have come to depend on the reliability and attention to detail that we provide. When we come to your school or university, we take the necessary time to properly analyze the exact cleaning procedures to meet your specific needs.

Through the use of green cleaning products and equipment combined with green cleaning processes that are environmentally safe, we can completely clean your school or university effectively and with respect for the environment.

A clean environment is a productive environment for students to excel. MGS specializes in the cleaning of schools and universities. We have developed specific and precise janitorial procedures to ensure that your school and university environment is the cleanest possible. These procedures help reduce the chance of contagious germs from being passed around from student to student.

Employees wear uniform, and an ID Badge, so they are easily identifiable as an MGS associate, and we have implemented professional training and safety programs to all of our employees.