Special Cleaning Requirements

  • Post construction cleaning of all stonewalls and floors according to specifications.
  • Tenant space cleaning before and after move-in (details and schedule to be arranged by property management).
  • Clean vacant floor restrooms as specified by property management. Restroom will be polished nightly and cleanliness level will be the same as occupied floor. Restrooms will be cleaned at least once per week.
  • Raised floors cleaning on a quarterly basis. Coordination with computer managers and building manager.
  • Utilize only Clarke or equivalent equipment, with high efficiency micron filter to contain the smallest dust particles.

The outlined specifications for work tasks and frequencies of such tasks listed herein are intended as a framework for the cleaning operation of a first class office building. Additional work will often be required and since it will usually be minor in scope, it is intended that the vast majority of such extra or additional work can and will be absorbed within the cleaning and maintenance operation. When unscheduled work of a major proportion is required and requested of the Contractor, the cost of such will be negotiated to provide a fair and equitable arrangement for both parties (or will follow based on the scope of special task prices provided by the contractor and agreed to by management.