Lobby Entrance

  • Sweeping and Dusting
    1. Lobby and entrance floors will be clean and free of dirt streaks and there will be no dirt remaining in corners, behind doors, or where the dirt is picked up with the dustpan after the sweeping operation.
    2. Wads of gum, tar, and other sticky substance will be removed from the area.
    3. Grills and woodwork will be dust-free after dusting.
    4. There will not be any spots or smudges on the wall surfaces, caused by touching the wall with the treated dust cloth.
  • Polishing and Wall Spotting
    1. Doorknobs, push bars, kick plates, railings, doors and other surfaces will be cleaned and polished to an acceptable luster.
    2. Drinking fountains will be cleaned and free of stains. The wall surfaces around the drinking fountains will be free of water spots and streaks.
    3. Wall surfaces up to a standing height will be free of finger marks, smudges, and other dirt spots of any kinds.
  • Mopping
    1. Lobby and entrance doors will be free of loose and/or caked dirt particles and will present an overall appearance of cleanliness after the mopping operation.
    2. Walls, baseboards and other surfaces will be free of watermarks, scars from the cleaning equipment striking the surfaces and splashings from the cleaning solution and rinse water.
    3. All surfaces will be dry and the corners and crevices clean after mopping.