Cleaning Standards Scheduling

  • Cleaning will include the following items and will be performed not less frequently than the times stated.
  • General Cleaning – five (5) days per week – Day Maid/Porter.
ASand urns, trash receptacles cleaned2X
BFloors policing spot mop2X
CDrinking fountains2X
DEmergency clean-ups (Work Orders) as needed 
ECheck all restrooms for supplies and clean as needed2X
FReport any maintenance problems to maintenance dispatcher 
GClean and take out trash.  Lobby security station1X
HClean and take out trash and supply, control office1X
IClean all glass doors inside and outside (Lobby Level)2X
JClean mail room and sundry shop1X
KClean glass and dust mop main Lobby (including sundry shop, mail room, breezeway, Ewing Room and Rotunda2X
LClean lobby directories2X
MVacuum/sweep entrance mats (permanent and non-permanent)1X
NPolice exterior area for paper, etc.2X
OClean drinking fountains (as needed)2X
PClean/vacuum Lobby and elevator lobby floors (including parking lobbies)2X
QClean Lobby furniture2X
RTrash for Chase Vault (remove as needed)2X
SRecycling pick-up (as needed)2X

  1. General Cleaning – Five (5) Days Per Week – Night Crew

    • Empty and clean all wastebaskets, sand urns/jardinieres, receptacles, ashtrays, etc.; damp dust or wet wipe and dry polish as necessary. (Liners will be placed in receptacles and wastebaskets).
    • Remove all trash and wastepaper to designated collection points. Bag trash will be placed on the loading dock. Non-bag trash will be placed in designated trash room.
    • Dust and wipe clean all office furniture, fixtures, and desk accessories, including telephone and return to their proper place.
    • Vacuum all carpet and rugs and remove any gum and spot clean.
    • Spot clean woodwork, doors, light switches, and walls to remove smudges and fingerprints.
    • Spot clean all glass doors and sidelight, partition glass, and glass furniture as needed.
    • Clean and polish drinking fountains.
    • Sweep all exterior entrances and vacuum entrance mats.
    • Wash and polish all restroom mirrors, powder shelves, bright work, dispensers, etc.
    • Clean and sanitize all restroom, shower rooms, and locker room fixtures, toilet, washbasins, urinals, shower walls, and floors to be kept free of scale and mildew. Wash and sanitize top and underside of toilet seats and benches.
    • Refill soap, towel, and tissue containers, and holders.
    • Wipe down toilet partitions and counters and walls around washbasin.
    • Mop all restroom and shower room floors.
    • Mop and spray buff granite floor main lobby and mall.
    • Mop outside main lobby entrances.
    • Sweep outside loading dock truck area.
    • Dust mop and sweep loading dock and service elevator area.
    • Sweep and spot mop mailroom Lobby level.
    • Wipe clean windowsills and other horizontal surfaces nightly.
    • Empty and sanitize all receptacles and sanitary disposals.
    • Clean building directory in Lobby removing fingerprints and smudges.
    • All counter tops of wet bar areas will be wiped down nightly and sinks will be cleaned if free of dishes.
    • Clean and polish water coolers.
    • Blackboards and chalk trays will be cleaned as requested or when tenant writes “Please Clean” on the blackboard.
    • Clean/vacuum in place entry mats.
    • Clean all Lobby furniture, remove fingerprints and smudges from metal and glass trim on furniture.
    • Spot clean all granite walls and columns’ removing smudges and fingerprints main Lobby, Rotunda and Elevator lobbies.
    • Wipe clean the metal railings.
    • Police and sweep/dust mop the stairwells nightly, damp mop weekly and scrub and seal quarterly.

General Cleaning – Weekly

  • Vacuum upholstery in executive areas.
  • Spot mop and buff granite and tiled floors in the Lobby.
  • Sweep exterior entrance areas.
  • Spray buff all coffee/copy room floors.
  • Machine scrub, wash, and buff all resilient tile and concrete flo
  • Wash down with disinfectant all ceramic tile walls, toilet partitions, ledges, sills, in restrooms.
  • Wash all door glass and sidelights.
  • All vertical surfaces of desks, files, and other furniture will be damp dusted with clean cloth.
  • Paneled walls will be dusted with a clean cloth.
  • Restroom air supply and return grills will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Loading dock will be hosed down and cleaned of all foreign matter.
  • High dusting (requires ladders) of the granite walls in the Lobby and cafeteria.
  • Restroom partitions will be washed with disinfectant solution and a light coat of polish applied.
  • Sweep and dust service elevator lobbies on garage levels and freight elevators.
  • A minimum of (2) gallons of fresh, clean water will be poured into each restroom drain 2 times weekly.

General Cleaning – Monthly

  • Dust all cabinets, files, chairs, chair rails, paneling, sills, trim, and baseboards.
  • Dust picture frames and picture glass.
  • Dust exterior of lighting fixtures and air conditioning grills.
  • Venetian blinds are to be dusted or vacuumed.
  • Remove cobwebs from all recessed areas of revolving doors.
  • Remove high cobwebs from entry areas on Lobby.
  • Cafeteria railing near escalators will be polished.
  • Upholstery spot cleaning as needed/requested.
  • Panel walls will be dusted with a clean or treated cloth.

General Cleaning – Quarterly

  • Dust and spot clean where necessary all vertical surfaces such as walls, partitions, ventilating louvers, and other surfaces not reached in nightly or monthly cleaning.
  • High dust (ladder required) all shelves, cabinets, and other objects in tenant offices.
  • Vacuum upholstery and draperies.
  • Wash desk floor mats.
  • Dust and wipe clean all closet shelving when empty and sweep carpet or dry mop all floors in closets if such are empty.
  • Flocked and vinyl wall coverings in common areas will be dusted/vacuumed monthly and as necessary during interior construction or remodeling.

Elevators and Escalator Cleaning

  • Elevator carpet will be vacuumed daily, spot cleaned as required, and shampooed monthly.
  • Exterior doors and trim will be dusted and fingerprint smudges removed daily.
  • Fingerprints and smudges will be removed daily from the interior metal doors and panels. The leather and wood trim walls will be wiped clean daily.
  • Ceiling will be dusted monthly.
  • Escalator skirts and trim will be dusted nightly and polished/washed monthly.
  • Escalator steps will be cleaned daily.
  • Elevator thresholds will be brushed clean and polished daily.
  • Service elevator will be cleaned daily, after cleaning personnel have completed their work.

Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface

  • Common areas: Sweep, set mop nightly and spray buff as required. Scrub and refinish monthly and strip and refinish semi-annually.
  • Tenant areas: Dust mop and mop nightly, spray buff weekly, scrub and refinish monthly, strip and refinish quarterly.
  • Restroom floors: Strip and reseal monthly, keep grout clean at all times.
  • Scrub and polish door thresholds daily.

Concrete floors

  • Dust mop nightly, damp mop weekly and scrub and seal quarterly.
  • Police and sweep building stairwells nightly, wet mop monthly, scrub and seal quarterly.

Wood Floors

  • Wet mop and buff lightly if required from time to time
  • Wax and buff floors according to installer’s instructions.

Carpet Floors

  • Thorough nightly vacuuming.
  • Spot removal as required.
  • Common area carpet on multi-tenant floors will be shampooed quarterly.

Stone Flooring (Lobby and Rotunda)

  • Wet mopped and buffed nightly
  • Wash and scrub weekly.
  • Grout will be kept clean and free of spotting at all times.
  • Contractor should use the directives and specifications when cleaning the stone floors.

Computer and word processing raised floors (plastic)

  • Dust mops with a treated mop and clean spot with a wet mop.
  • Mop bucket will be left outside computer room at all times.
  • Spray buff monthly.

Outside Building, Breezeway and Sidewalks

  • Police and sweep as required, spot clean spills or other foreign matter by spot mopping or scrubbing nightly.
  • Sweep (nightly) and hose down/scrub (weekly) exterior entrances and breezeway.
  • Outside entrances – all pavers and dock/delivery areas will be polices daily, scrubbed and hosed down weekly.

The outlined specifications for work tasks and frequencies of such tasks listed herein are intended as a framework for the cleaning operation of a first class office building. Additional work will often be required and since it will usually be minor in scope, it is intended that the vast majority of such extra or additional work can and will be absorbed within the cleaning and maintenance operation. When unscheduled work of a major proportion is required and requested of the Contractor, the cost of such will be negotiated to provide a fair and equitable arrangement for both parties (or will follow based on the scope of special task prices provided by the contractor and agreed to by management.