Restaurant Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

We provide janitorial services for your dining room, lounge, bar, lobby and restroom areas.

  • We will sweep or vacuum under tables and chairs
  • Mop all floors thoroughly
  • Put tables and chairs back in their proper location
  • Clean all baseboards and table bases
  • Polish all wood surfaces
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces, high dust vents and beams
  • Dust windowsills, lampshades and pictures
  • Polish any brass or other bright work.

We place the utmost importance on the Customer Bathroom cleanliness! We understand the importance of Restaurants having spotless bathrooms each and every day.

    • In the bathrooms we will clean and sanitize counters and sink
    • Clean mirrors
    • Clean and polish stainless steel and chrome fixtures
    • Clean and polish walls
    • Clean and sanitize urinals and toilets
    • Mop floors and detail clean corners
    • Clean and sanitize baby changing tables
    • Clean baseboards and behind toilets
    • Empty garbage cans

We also will clean and sanitize drains to ensure that the bathrooms smell clean and sanitized! Bathroom cleanliness is a priority!

We provide bar & lounge area cleaning to our valued customers.

  • We pay special attention to sanitizing the bar area and surfaces
  • We clean, degrease and sanitize all floors and mats behind the bar, including under sinks and wells
  • Drains behind the bar are cleaned and sanitized.
  • We can help cleaning to both indoor and outdoor bars.
  • All the cleaning services available for dining rooms are available for lounges
  • We vacuum carpeting in the lounge
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Polish any bright work such as brass foot rails
  • Dusts horizontal surfaces etc.
  • We emphasize under tables, table bases, corners, edges and baseboards
  • In the kitchen area we scrub your kitchen floors and equipment