Restroom Cleaning

  • Trash containers will be emptied clean, liners inserted.
  • All sanitary receptacles will be cleaned, both inside and outside, and contain a new liner.
  • No trash will be on the floor.

Replenishment of Supplies

  • All dispensers of supplies will be clean and filled with the proper supplies (towels, soap, napkins, etc.)

Cleaning of Sanitary Receptacles

  • All sanitary receptacles will be empty except for a new liner.
  • All sanitary receptacles will be free of spots, stains and finger marks.
  • All sanitary receptacles will be free of odors.

Cleaning of Toilet Room Fixtures

  • All porcelain surfaces of washbasins, toilets, and urinals will be free of dust, dirt, spots, and stains.
  • The wall surfaces will be free of spots and smears.
  • All toilet seats will be left in raised position after cleaning. They will be free of spots and stains, and the seat hinges will be free of mold.
  • The plumbing fixtures will be free of mold and water stains.

Cleaning of Supply Dispensers, Tile Walls, Stall Partitions, Doors, Shelves, Mirrors and Floors

  • All supply dispensers will be clean and free of finger marks and water spots.
  • All shelves and shelf brackets will be free of gum, dust, fingerprints, water stains, smudges and other soil.
  • All mirrors should be free of streaks, smudges, water spots, dust, lipstick smudges and should not be cloudy.
  • Walls, stall partitions, and doors will be free of hand marks, dust, pencil marks, lipstick smudges, water streaks, mop marks, and mold.
  • Floors (especially in corners) will be free of dirt and dust, gum, grease, black marks, loose paper, water, mop stains and strings. Particular attention should be given to area under urinal.