Post Construction Cleaning Services Houston

Multi-tenant Office Building Cleaning Houston – Post Construction Cleaning Services for Houston

An immaculate clean facility makes a lasting impression for future buyers and owners to move in, lease, or buy your multi-tenant office building.  Houston multi-tenant office building cleaning requires periodic post-construction cleaning services and specialty janitorial services and one-time on-demand cleaning services.

Post Construction Cleaning Scope of Work Houston

From the big to small, MGS Supply & Services provides excellent post-construction and commercial janitorial cleaning services for Houston multi-tenant office building cleaning throughout the Houston metro area and beyond. Our teams have received post-construction cleaning training for multi-tenant office building cleaning. Your multi-tenant office building will start out on a clean foundation with our post-construction cleaning services. We will also be there for you when you have post-construction needs due to construction done for new tenants in years to come.

Custom Tailored Post Construction Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Each construction cleaning job in Houston is a little different. MGS Supply & Services approaches each post-construction cleaning scope of work for multi-tenant office buildings with your individual expectations in mind. That is why MGS Supply & Services custom tailors each construction cleaning service agreement.

Quality Pre or Post Construction Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Houston

MGS Supply & Services has been serving the Houston community for more than ten years, delivering excellent construction cleaning and janitorial services that are unparalleled in quality and service.

Owners and buyers of multi-tenant office building cleaning expect facilities to have pristine clean conditions. MGS Supply & Services can help you meet their expectations. Our large, experienced staff handles multiple locations in the Houston area where we have built lasting relationships and have great customer testimonies. We welcome you to contact any of them to hear firsthand the quality post-construction cleaning services that we provide.

Houston based Post Construction Cleaning Services for Multi-Tenant Office Buildings Done Right

Houston based MGS Supply & Services provides post-construction cleaning services and janitorial services for all multi-tenant office buildings.

Need More Than Post Construction Cleaning Services for Your Houston Multi-Tenant Building?

Commercial Cleaning Services – Industrial Cleaning Services

Our Houston Multi-tenant building cleaning service, Houston commercial cleaning services, and Houston industrial cleaning services include the following and much much more!

  • All interior: door frames, restrooms (fixtures, dispensers, vents), glass in general, window ledges, floor scrubbing services and sealing, trash removal, vacuuming and construction dust clean up, interior AC/Units, pipes, and ductwork, purlins, unisturts, light fixtures
  • Interior and exterior glass and windows, aluminum framing, doors, blinds, all interior windows, exterior windows, elevator areas, lobby, and common areas, thorough restroom cleaning of all nooks and crannies, air vents, vacuuming, mopping, auto scrubber cleaning, trash, and debris can be removed, cabinet and drawer cleaning cabinets—inside and out.
  • An exterior cleaning sweep includes scraping and hosing off stairs, landings, walks, decks, patios, and garages.

Commercial cleaning services customized to your Houston Multi-tenant office building cleaning needs.

Our Houston multi-tenant office building janitorial services include, but are not limited to these types of commercial cleaning services and “we are” some of the following services or companies you may be searching for:

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