Surgery Center – Professional Houston Surgery Terminal Cleaning and Disinfection

As the risk of infection continues to grow in healthcare settings, the role of surface disinfection and aseptic cleaning in both critical and non-critical areas has become more significant. Ambulatory surgery centers need medical cleaning service providers in Houston and beyond who are trained and specialize in proper aseptic protocol to prevent the spread of harmful infections.

We perform advanced medical and health care cleaning techniques and procedures in critical healthcare settings. MGS is familiar with the latest aseptic cleaning standards, such as those set forth by the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses. The APRN requires that several standards and best practices be met for the proper cleaning of critical operative areas which we strictly adhere to. By observing these standards and practices in pre- and post-operative areas, as well as procedure areas, pathogens and the rate of infection for recent patients are greatly reduced. We follow policies such as keeping designated cleaning equipment confined to specific areas of the ASC, because moving equipment from floor to floor can quickly spread infectious agents. Our stringent aseptic cleaning methods produce measurable results. The surface contamination of bio-load levels is checked before and after cleaning. The reductions in bio-load can, of course, be directly correlated to the elimination of dangerous pathogens on surfaces.

We are able to provide the proper certified training in all areas of effective hygienic cleaning that demonstrates the knowledge base of our staff. Ambulatory and outpatient facilities need an environmental service that knows cleaning in clinical settings is much more than aesthetic. Healthcare facilities require a deep aseptic cleaning, one that can be proven to actually kill and remove infectious matter from the locations we are assigned to clean.

MGS uses high-grade clinically-tested disinfectant clean room cleaning supplies. Offering precision cleanroom cleaning services would not be possible without paying attention to every detail.

All our employees wear MGS issued uniforms and id badges so they can be identified, and we have implemented professional medical cleaning service training and safety programs for all of our team. We are a full service hospital cleaning service based in Houston.