Houston Cleanroom Cleaning Services Laboratory Commercial Janitorial Services

MGS helps you protect your investment and avoid contamination. Our decontamination and cleanroom cleaning services in Houston extend far beyond simple cleaning. With more than 10 years of experience, the MGS decontamination process is based upon science and empirical data, using the latest information available and the most innovative and stringent cleaning techniques.

We understand the organisms and microbes that may be present in a controlled environment and the proper use of biocides, disinfectants, and sporicidal agents for their control and elimination. People cross-contaminate environments as well, and we teach you proper clean room behavior as well as gowning and gloving protocols that will protect your environment. Our decontamination expertise ranges from micro-cleaning of Class 1 (M 1.5) to Class 100,000 (M 6.5) environments, with both routine and periodic medical cleaning services. We also conduct specialized cleaning as required in data centers and raised floor environments, post-construction cleaning, disaster decontamination, and one-time super cleaning.

You never have to compromise the cleanliness of your research facility, the sterility of your instruments or the integrity of your product line. There is no re-work when you engage with controlled contamination services. We do the job right, the first time, to your exacting specifications. We assure your peace of mind and your company’s regulatory compliance.

MGS uses high-grade clinically-tested clean room supplies. Offering precision Houston cleanroom cleaning services would not be possible without paying attention to every detail. Long-standing relationships with the most trusted cleanroom supply companies allows us to meet all micro-cleaning requirements for your cleanroom.

Based in Houston, MGS provides cleanroom cleaning services, using the best clean room cleaning supplies and state of the art cleanroom tools.