Houston Commercial Health Care Cleaning – Clinics and Private Practice

MGS offers comprehensive health care cleaning services in Houston ranging from cleaning your lobby to sanitizing patient rooms, medical equipment, to maintaining medical office cleaning requirements for floors and carpets. We understand that a clean environment is critical in the healthcare system.

MGS’ Houston healthcare cleaning service has a high standard for service excellence in medical office cleaning, giving close attention to achieve and maintain accreditation standards for safe care infection prevention and control. This is why our medical office cleaning requirements and medical cleaning service is done to exceed the regulatory standards like JCAHO, OSHA, AHCA, and other state or local agency requirements; most importantly we clean to attain a positive environmental health outcome.

3 Questions To Ask When Hiring Medical Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for medical office janitorial services, you might be wondering how to narrow down your choices. Cleaning a medical office is much different than other types of cleaning. You not only want to prevent patients from being exposed to germs and pathogens, but you also have to prevent workers from getting sick while making your office look pristine.


What Health Care Cleaning Procedures Are in Place?

Health care facilities need procedures to prevent cross-contamination. Workers need to use deep cleaning procedures to ensure disinfection takes place. When people come to a medical facility, they expect to get better and not come down with another illness. Workers also need to know how to keep themselves safe from infections.

What Cleaning Products Do They Use?

 Cleaning products can make people sick when used incorrectly. Not all cleaning products are appropriate for medical centers. Your cleaning company needs to use EPA-approved cleaning products that clean and disinfect all areas of the facility. Remember that cleaning and disinfecting are two different procedures. It’s often not enough to disinfect without deep cleaning.

How Experienced Are the Workers?

Workers who clean a medical office need to be experienced or have extensive training. It’s not just procedural, but there are regulatory compliance issues that need to be addressed.

It’s understandable that cost is a concern. You should look at the long-term benefits and the needs of your facility in addition to the expense.

MGS Supply & Services offers medical cleaning services to help you retain your JCAHO certification and keep your facility clean and safe. Contact us for more information.