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Medical Cleaning Services – Houston

Environmental services, facilities management, medical office cleaning, cleanroom cleaning services. MGS helps you improve a clean facility and meet medical office cleaning requirements. MGS adheres to stringent cleaning service training for health care cleaning in Houston. This is a competitive advantage that can directly affect your bottom line. A sparkling facility can result in increased patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, improved employee morale, increased physician and nursing talent attraction and retention, and enhanced reputation.

Achieve a Cleaner Medical Facility and Less Stress

Now, more than ever, having quality medical cleaning services is critical to keeping your facility operating in the Houston area. Medical settings, in particular, can be exposed to any number of pathogens; yet, as commercial settings go, hospitals and clinics are also among the most important to keep sanitary. By partnering with the team from MGS for your medical office janitorial services, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from receiving exceptional quality of work and the utmost professionalism.

Who MGS Serves

MGS is equipped to serve a wide variety of commercial industries. When it comes to medical cleaning, we can handle it all. From large hospitals to small clinics, from surgery centers to rehab and sports injury wings, we have the knowledge and credentials necessary to keep your business in top condition. Our goal is to exceed the regulations set forth by federal, state and local agencies, including OSHA, JCAHO, and AHCA.

What MGS Cleans

The highly trained staff at MGS is equipped and ready to tackle medical office cleaning services in any area of your facility. We offer stringent standards and schedules to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. We see to every detail across each room, ensuring that even the spots most people may pay little attention to are sanitized and ready for your next patient or client. Everything from beds and operating tables to walls and windowsills receive the attention they need and deserve.

When you’re ready to gain a better handle on your facility’s cleaning standards while reducing your stress and workload at the same time, consult with MGS Supply & Services. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful space for your patients and staff to enjoy.

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