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Janitorial Services – Houston – Commercial Cleaning Services


Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning Services in Houston

MGS janitorial services and commercial cleaning services Houston provides quality janitorial services for commercial facilities, medical office cleaning, industrial facilities, post-construction cleanup sites, and industrial cleaning services in Houston.

Commercial cleaning services in Houston and beyond include:

Factory plants, hydroelectric power plants, petrochemical plants, warehouses, multi-tenant office buildings, retail facilities, restaurants, health clubs, car dealership, bank cleaning, schools and universities, and churches.

Medical and healthcare environmental services certification in Houston and beyond include quality janitorial services for:

Hospitals, private practice and clinics, terminal and surgery centers, laboratory cleaning services, EVS hospital cleaning, sports and rehab centers, and imaging facilities in Houston.

Janitorial Service Houston – More than Vacuuming and Picking Up Trash

MGS Supply & Services is dedicated to providing top quality janitorial services for each industry we service. Our company’s reputation rests solely on the total satisfaction of each of our clients.

With offer both contract and on-demand janitorial services, our professional janitorial cleaning teams hold to stringent best-practices for each industry we serve. From environmental cleaning, decontamination, cleanroom cleaning services for medical and laboratory facilities to restaurants, locker rooms, administrative offices and warehouses. Our staff has been professionally trained and cleaning certified in the industries they are contracted. Over the past 15 years, MGS has strived to revolutionize the cleaning industry and raise the level of innovation and excellence in the facility maintenance industry.

MGS Supply & Services delivers quality janitorial services and products throughout Houston, Dallas and beyond. We implement the newest and most advanced commercial cleaning services for commercial, industrial and medical facilities.

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services Solutions Houston

Each industry has its own set of cleaning and maintenance standards that must be adhered to in order to provide top quality janitorial services. That includes industrial cleaning standards for material handling and processing, medical standards for the prevention of infection control, and OSHA standards for safety and operation.

Our cleaning specialists and technicians have received certified training in every level of equipment operation, compliance regulations, and site-safety and operations. In the commercial cleaning services division that includes janitorial services for manufacturing, power, natural gas, food and beverage, petrochemical, pipelines, chemical processing, railroad, ports and harbors, and healthcare cleaning services for pharmaceutical, private practice, hospitals, and clinics. Industrial and commercial cleaning combined with other environmental cleaning services provides turnkey quality janitorial services.

Houston’s Quality Janitorial Services Company

Everything from warehouses and plants, showers and water treatment plants, MGS personnel is highly trained and certified for every cleaning job, regardless of size or scope.

We know that when you are deciding to outsource your cleaning and maintenance needs, you are mainly focused on security and safety, not only for your plant or office but for your employees as well.

MGS Supply & Services approaches each commercial cleaning, industrial, medical and general janitorial services projects with custom and professional cleaning services terms to meet your needs. Our quality janitorial services will be tailored for one-time, on-demand needs, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual contracts.

From huge industrial, commercial cleaning services, post-construction cleaning jobs, residential buildings, medical offices, surgery centers, and anything in between, MGS quality janitorial services company in Houston is dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and a clean facility.

Contact MGS Supply & Services, quality janitorial services Houston,  at 281-829-5357 or email: ⁠⁠⁠

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