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Healthcare Cleaning & Janitorial Service – Houston

Hospital Cleaning Houston

Having quality janitorial services to handle your medical office cleaning in Houston can help you improve an already clean facility, increase patient satisfaction, help with healthcare nursing and physician retention as well as improve HCAHPS scores. Contracting for healthcare cleaning Houston with MGS Supply & Services janitorial service will take your facility to the next level in healthcare cleaning standards.

Certified Cleaning & Quality Janitorial Services for Houston Medical Facilities

MGS Supply & Services specializes in medical office cleaning and hospital cleaning. The staff is fully certified in cleaning standards and healthcare cleaning regulations. From general janitorial service for offices, lobbies, floors, carpets, and restrooms to surgery and terminal center, laboratory and imaging facility janitorial services, and private practice medical cleaning.  MGS holds to stringent certified cleaning standards for all Houston medical, Houston commercial, and Houston industrial cleaning requirements. Creating and maintaining safe, clean medical facilities is the top priority for MGS Supply & Services.

Top Janitorial Services Companies in Houston for Medical Office Cleaning

MGS provides quality janitorial services that reach far beyond a clean lobby, shiny floors, and vacuumed carpet. With state of the art cleaning equipment, supplies, and certified cleaning training, MGS meets or exceeds the medical regulatory standards of AHCA, OSHA, and JCAHO. As one of Houston’s janitorial services companies, we stand apart with our high standard of excellence to achieve positive healthcare environments.

Quality Janitorial Services Houston Healthcare Cleaning

Over 10 years of medical office cleaning with healthcare environmental services certification, MGS has invested in research and process development in medical healthcare cleaning, medical office cleaning, and quality janitorial services. Up to date certified cleaning training combined with the newest technology allows MGS to implement the best value in janitorial services to our clients. We understand the unique needs of each cleaning job we undertake from medical office cleaning, general healthcare, and hospital cleaning, dental office cleaning services to EVS hospital cleaning and industrial commercial cleaning services, and everything in between. Each janitorial services contract is developed with the proper cleaning team, cleaning schedule and supplies to specific industrial and medical standards for each facility.

MGS will deliver a clean, safe facility, regardless of size or industry. Give us a call or send an email to get started on a deep clean for your facility.

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